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A 12-week innovation program for the charity sector. We help you develop ideas, leadership skills, fund-raising capabilities, and your core value proposition.

We support teams in the charity and not-for-profit sectors to explore new ideas, define their unique value proposition and explore funding and finance. 

With workshops and mentor support, our program takes you on a journey that helps you explore your core value proposition; new service development; optimising your charity’s fundraising potential; connecting you to potential partners and suppliers;  and, listen to expert practitioners and guest speakers. 

The 3x innovation lab

An innovation program designed specifically for the third sector.
Learn to think differently, to get different results.
Explore and understand your business model
Build your unique audience proposition.
Understand how you plan and execute digital transformation.  


An Innovation Lab For Charities

Ideas and Inspiration

The process starts searching for ideas, screening their value & forming teams around projects. Concept development and prototyping takes place.

Market Validation

A process of  in terms of concepts and outcomes. The team get involved in the process of validating the core business ideas with potential customers.

Leadership Growth

The team driving the idea need to have vision, empathy and collective leadership. Personal development and team building are core at this stage.

Finance & Funds

Understanding finances and seeking funding is an essential part of charity management.

Accelerating Your Ideas Into Reality

A program that drives your operation.
Connect and learn from fellow leaders in your sector.
Contact us today and we’ll get your project started.

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Discovering and developing new ideas that deliver results, with the support of expert leaders and mentors.  We share your passion to deliver your purpose. 

Charity Innovation Program
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