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A corporate accelerator program to develop ideas and new products within your company using start-up development techniques.

Connecting internal innovators with expertise and mentoring to create exceptional advancements. At the end of the process the different projects will be validated by customers, built on a robust business plan with associated financials. Pitching for support and capital is a process that originates at the early stage of the process. We support teams until they are ready to do a complete roll out in their target market. We call it startupINNOVATION®.

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Designing The Perfect Corporate Accelerator

Ideas and Inspiration

The process starts searching for ideas, screening their value & forming teams around projects. Concept development and prototyping takes place.

Market Validation

A process of  in terms of concepts and outcomes. The team get involved in the process of validating the core business ideas with potential customers.

Leadership Growth

The team driving the idea need to have vision, empathy and collective leadership. Personal development and team building are core at this stage.

Pitching For Support

Building a business case proposition and seeking funding for capital is essential. The teams now pitch for cash and support with a full business plan.

Accelerating Ideas Into Reality

Design a program that fits your business requirements and budget.
Bridge the gap between internal delivery to external innovation.
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Discovering and developing new business ideas, with internal projects and external start ups, requires co-ordination, planning and focus.  Ideas and creativity are never enough.

Corporate Business Innovation
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We are leaders in Startup consultancy.
All markets, any domain, all locations.

We call it startupINNOVATION®

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