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Kicked off in 2012 by CEO Chris Johnston, startup Adoreboard has grown to be a global player in emotional analysis and can boast clients including Press Association, EasyJet and Havas Helia.

With a background in media management and PR, Chris began to witness first-hand the challenges faced by brand managers by the explosion in online digital social media. Now ubiquitous, platforms like Twitter and Facebook were starting to change the way brands presented themselves to the world, and perhaps more importantly – how consumers viewed brands.

XP were key to the pivotal early stages of our early company strategy. Their help with developing and articulating our central value proposition remains a foundation to our success.

Their platform helps unlocks valuable customer experience insights and emotional motivators to enhance brand and business performance.

Gauging the emotions that brands create in the market in real time and the experiences or behaviour shown by customers now to be measured as it occurs – not by a survey or focus group.

If you are a brand manager get over to Adoreboard and check out their magic.

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