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With a background in web design, brothers Eoin and Kevin McGrath formed Beacon in 2013 to help businesses do more in-house. Beacon is a next generation content marketing platform. The product enables companies to generate professional marketing content in a simple to use and intuitive manner. The product also allows for rich data feedback on the impact that the marketing material has in the hands of the target audience helping better inform future marketing campaigns.

As a mentor, Diane has a rare blend of IT, business and social skills that has definitely impressed both of us and hopefully ‘rubbed off’ on us! An honest, passionate and fun person – Diane is a pleasure to work with.’

In the hyper busy digital marketing world, brands are competing to gain and keep the attention of their client base.

Modern marketing efforts are largely fuelled by content but your message will go unheard unless customers are attracted to it.

Beacon allows them to refine their online lead generation process, providing an alternative to paid advertising. In addition to local customers, Beacon has seen positive growth abroad with customers in North America, Europe and Asia with an active user base of 18,000 marketeers.

If your business needs to generate more leads with engaging rich content – check out Beacon.

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