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A startup story of meaning, family and storytelling. A native of Italy, Luca Montario back in 2014 found himself combining two passions – his love for Italian food and a drive to start his own company.  

A simple, yet authentic sauce recipe handed down from his Grandfather Giuseppe, led him to create a new type of ketchup and later a pasta sauce. His products are bang on trend being gluten free, low in fat and suitable for vegetarians.  The company has gone on to win multiple awards and accolades.

XP helped me get my business on to a solid commercial foundation, as well as helping me craft my story of Peppup, its origins and meaning. 

This artisan food producer grew his business with a continual approach of innovation, working with local producers and notably with support from CAFRE and it’s Centre of Excellence for food technology.

If you haven’t sample Luca’s creation yet, you should. find out more about his story check out

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