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Rotor saw a problem, and set out to build the solution. They knew their product idea had to be built.

Simply put, it was too expensive, too time-consuming and too painful to keep up with the constant demand for creating promotional videos and music videos.

Diarmuid Moloney, their co-founder and CEO had created promotions in the music industry for 10 years, including video promos for the World DJ Champion. He developed the original concept for Rotor.

So, they built a tool that helps all artists and labels to create the videos they need without wasting time, money and effort. Musicians need to spend more time making music and labels need to continue building their service. That’s the way it should be. Rotor aims to take one more task off their list to allow them to do what they do best.

If you want to be heard, you have to be seen.

Their ethos is to build something that adds value, something that is useful and something that gives everyone access to video creation in a way that makes sense.

The demand for great video content keeps growing and we need new tools to make life easier. Rotor aims to do that. Just take a look at some of the videos created using Rotor.

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