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The Present Tree is an award-winning company that specialises in beautifully wrapped, organic tree gifts.

After considering her idea to wrap and send a baby tree to one of her friends as her gift, Catherine wondered if there was potential to build a new business. That was back in 2012. The world had become a little tired of bouquets and flowers, perhaps there was an opening for a different gift. A gift with purpose and meaning.

XP are an expert team with extensive business knowledge.

Catherine places her passion for nature and her love of design central to the development of her business. Starting off with just native trees to Ireland, the business has now grown to offer more exotic species such as aloe vera, olive and tea.

Their business challenges were typical of so many online stores. How do you get found? When and how do your expand your product range? Who do you trust to ship your product? Does social media help, and how do you do that well? Catherine and her team have managed to successfully work all this out.  

Today The Present Tree ships a multitude of gifts across the UK from their idyllic setting in the Antrim countryside. They have picked up awards and Catherine is an incredible role model for female entrepreneurship.

Take a look at all the wonderful gift ideas over at The Present Tree.

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