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With our support you can win more tenders.

Over 15 years, with our in-house bid consultancy expertise, we have beaten market leaders and global consultancy companies in multi-million tender competitions. To succeed in winning complex tenders, your team’s approach should be collaborative and creative.

Understanding how the bid process works are essential and are a lot like passing an exam. To get the top grade, you must understand what value the buyer is seeking.

The firms that win tenders aren’t necessarily the best suppliers. They may not even offer the best solution. But they WIN.

Bid Consultancy. Design a WINNING tender bid.
  • Our bid design canvas enables improved design and planning.
  • We evaluate the tender opportunity and assess strategic viability.
  • Plot out each component of your bid submission, piece by piece.
  • Drive collaboration and align your team to create a winning bid.

The smart guide to winning a tender.

Learn the crucial steps for improving your approach to putting together bids that succeed.  Topics in this handbook include understanding award criteria, developing your bid value proposition and getting your pricing strategy right.

Our small team has successfully written tenders that have beaten global consultancy companies.  We’re sharing our methodology.

What we want to do now, is to share our insights and experience on how to improve your chances of success. Our canvas blends traditional sales account planning, the development of a business model, and design thinking.

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