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Check out our client testimonials. We value the thoughts and views of our clients.  Over the years we have built our credibility in the market and made lots of friends along the way. You ca find out more about some of the businesses we have worked with.

World-class Service

We received a world-class service, knowledgeable advice, expert implementation and meaningful insights and guidance. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend XPinnovates. They know exactly what they are at.

Fantastic From Start to Finish

I had the pleasure of working with Mark from beginning of 2016 when I was successful in my application to be part of the Propel programme. Mark was fantastic from start to finish and even after the programme he was more than willing to mentor and assist whenever I asked. His knowledge of start-up business and pitching is second to none and I hope I get the chance to work with him again soon. An asset to any organisation, I would recommend Mark in a heartbeat.

Fantastic Insights

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mark on a number of startup programmes in Belfast. Mark is a super guy and it is always good fun to work with. He is and an excellent mentor and is very considerate and always comes up with some fantastic insights to help entrepreneurs move their business forward. He does an excellent job and I have no hesitation in recommending Mark.

Empowering Early Stage Companies

I have worked with Diane on several Northern Ireland business start-up and accelerator programs. She has the unique ability to empower early stage companies to succeed and to embed the belief that they can perform on a global stage. This ability is evident in the huge number of companies that she has worked with, and in the delivery of those essential skills needed to build a viable business from scratch. Over the years those endeavours have directly created countless local jobs and resulted in significant number of successful globally scalable businesses. Diane has become synonymous with the Northern Ireland business start-up scene.

International Entrepreneur & Value Creator

A genuine International entrepreneur & value creator. Diane has transformed the business futures for 200+ startups in Invest Northern Ireland’s Propel Programme, alone, many now successfully venture funded & trading in the USA. These are some of Northern Ireland’s best potential high growth small business. Her pay it forward approach, to delivery, optimises both the founders’ & the businesses’ true potential.  She applies this philosophy to her personal relationships, always respectful to the integrity of that relationship & that individuals privacy at the same time .

Delivering Excellence

Diane focused on delivering excellence – her approach to change is not to rest on her laurels but to continuously develop and stretch her team and mentors to deliver the best results and support for the start-up companies. She displays a careful balance of challenge and stretch and support in order to ensure the participants dig deep and stretch themselves. She is very abundant with her network of C-suite contacts both in Ireland, Northern Ireland and overseas. She knows what it takes to get a business off the ground and delivering regular recurring revenue and she personally has an emotional connection with each participant to ensure they achieve their full potential. Many of these companies are now thriving businesses delivering significant revenue and employment in the Northern Irish market.

Amazing Support

Diane and her team provide us with great guidance and drive.  They genuinely share the passion for our success. From understanding the broadest set of tasks in running a business, to setting clear strategies and planning. Excellent.

Expert Team

Xcell Partners are an expert team with extensive business knowledge. Their practical advice helped The Present Tree define and focus on a strong, clear business strategy. Xcell Partners’s advice enabled The Present Tree to focus on its ambitious vision and achieve high sales growth since launching 5 years ago. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you Mark, Diane and the team!

Great Advisers

Xcell have great knowledge, advice and direction. Having their support and guidance got us manufacturing and to market much quicker than would otherwise would have been possible.

Motivational & Inspirational

I’ve known Mark for over four years and been involved in his lean start-up weekends as well as Xcell Partners incubator/accelerator activities,  in which I’ve witnessed how great he is at motivating, inspiring and educating entrepreneurs about the difficulties of starting and growing a new business venture. Mark’s enthusiasm for such people and their ideas, yet with a good dose of realism from his own experience in Silicon Valley, makes him excellent at leading workshops (e.g. business model canvas, business plan writing) and at evaluating business plans of the CEOs he mentors.

Understands Clients Vision

Mark is an extremely knowledgeable consultant, entrepreneur and business adviser to start-up companies. He is a pleasure to work with as he understand his client’s needs and vision. I would recommend Mark’s services at any time

A Great Mentor & Advisor

Mark was a great mentor and advisor during my time on Northern Ireland’s premier business start up programme – Propel. He is knowledgeable, supportive and challenging and a fully appreciates the time and effort one has to put in, to both start and build a business. Even now, as our company enters the growth phase, I will occasionally lift the phone for a piece of his advice and he delivers, every time!

Right Track From The Beginning

Mark was a great source of level-headed advice in the early stages of setting up our business. His input and guidance around investment, business proposals and strategy put our company on the right track from the very beginning. I’m forever grateful.

Excellent Advisor

Mark has always been an excellent adviser to my business, he has a wealth of experience in sales/mentoring.  His assistance with my business and investor pitch was priceless.

USA Market Expansion

‘Not only did Diane provide excellent advice and direction during our initial US market analysis but she gave us outstanding strategic support and network reach as we developed our Americas business. The result was a multi-million dollar US presence within 18 months.’

Great Job

‘Xcell Partners did a great job. As a result of Diane’s teams work in one area we re thought our overall strategies and changed some previous decisions – very thought provoking. Direct, non-political and to the point. Will be using their services again.’  


‘Diane has been a trusted advisor to Openet and helped us establish some key relationships. She is very commercially focused.’

Well Connected

‘I’ve worked with Diane on several projects over the years, and believe that she is one of the most organized and well-connected people around. She’s been helping other entrepreneurs develop customers, contacts, and funding — and she’s got the brains and judgement to help them win.’

Efficient & Intelligent

‘Diane approaches problems and solutions in an efficient and intelligent manner. She is a driven contributor always striving to exceed the business’ stated goals. Her proactive approach to clients and their customers is always professional, courteous, and solution focused. Diane’s knowledge, experience and insight ensures successful mandates and compelling strategies that produce measurable results for any business. I highly recommend Diane.’


I had the pleasure of having Mark from Xcell Partners as a business mentor in 2015. Although I had no previous experience in business, Mark was very adaptive in his approach and guided me through almost an entire year of coaching & business progression. He was instrumental in developing the skills I needed to progress my business in these crucial early days. When developing the business plan, I was able to rely on Mark for engaging and thought provoking feedback that enabled me to better construct and mature my approach to business.

XP Were Instrumental

‘XP were instrumental in setting up some key meetings for us during a recent business trip to San Francisco and it is clear to us that she is well respected in both the local and international business community. As a mentor, Diane has a rare blend of IT, business and social skills that has definitely impressed both of us and hopefully ‘rubbed off’ on us! An honest, passionate and fun person – Diane is a pleasure to work with.’ 

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