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Is your business raising investment? Many startups fail as they struggle to secure the financial capital needed to fund their future.

With a long track record in early-stage investment,  we were the inaugural delivery partner of the leading angel investment network in Ireland, HBAN, establishing its first syndicates, investor education focus, and its firm presence in the heart of the Irish startup community.

Whether you like it or not your startup needs to understand finances, and importantly how to access funding. And, the options can seem overwhelming. Do you look to a VC, or private investors? Can you build a business on revenue and state funding? Whatever your choices, it is essential to upskill ‘non-finance people’ to become comfortable with finance models, and cash-flow forecasts. We help businesses get investor ready.

Raising Investment. Funding Done Right
  • We work with each startup on an individual basis to review your funding options.
  • Build out robust financial models that stand the scrutiny of seasoned investors.
  • Help you understand bank lending and taxation.
  • Navigate term sheets and act on your behalf as you negotiate.
  • Develop your pitch deck and get you ready to deliver your perfect pitch.
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Getting Pitch Ready For Funding

Pitching for investment is more than giving a great presentation. Pitching well equates to knowing your business thoroughly, and creating interest and support. A great pitch comes down to language, the right pitch deck, and belief. You are not just trying to secure cash – you are on the road to building a following, a small community around your business that wants to see it succeed.

We have worked with 100s of early-stage tech companies to perfect their pitch and gain investment. Check our 8 tips for the perfect pitch.

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