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Our 90-day project tackles your growth, sales, investment and innovation challenges. 

We work with you over a 3 phase program to consider and explore your growth possibilities.  We set out clear terms of reference, and deliver agreed outcomes, supported by evidence and data.  What’s important to us is your success, short and long-term. 

Our typical engagements are centred on key challenges including raising investment, developing your core value proposition, acquisition planning and building plans for digital sales growth.

Strategies For Growth

A unique approach to delivering measurable impacts on your business in 3 months.

  • We accelerate your business plans with a tailored growth consultancy project.
  • Define strategies that unlock value and power growth.
  • Explore new possibilities for market growth with new and existing products.
  • Develop compelling customer propositions based on validation and data.
  • Anticipate new technology and innovation.
  • Delivering impact and results in just 90 days.

Growth Strategy

A growth strategy is an organisation’s plan for overcoming current and future challenges to realize its goals for expansion. Examples of growth strategy goals include increasing market share and revenue, acquiring assets, and improving the firm’s products or services.

Drive Short Term Growth

We help our clients drive short term revenue and rapid revenue generation through ‘find and prove the value’ methods, and the application of private equity styles of working.  Coaching our clients as if we were shareholders in their business.

Develop Powerful Strategies

In partnership with our clients, we develop modern business strategies that allow firms to make choices on their customers, geographies, routes to markets, and products. Financial viability and technical feasibility are always key.

Anticipate Innovation

We assist our clients to anticipate digital and technology innovation impacts business models and harness them to create new routes to market. Realizing the world of all things digital to get results.

GrowthSprint™ In Action

Here are a few examples of where our unique approach has delivered measurable impact. 

  • Working with one ecommerce business to develop a true digital sales approach, increasing revenue by 120%.
  • Developing an early-stage service idea to a fully funded business concept in 3 months. 
  • Building out a focused central value proposition that enabled the EX tech firm to gain its initial seed investment.
  • Coaching an early stage healthtech company to successfully pitch and close £500k equity funding.
  • What do our clients have to say about our impact on their business?

GrowthSprint Canvas

In partnership with our clients and partners, we have developed a unique brainstorming whiteboard, the GrowthSprint Canvas. In broad terms, the right side of the canvas focuses on what takes place outside of your firm. It’s here where you need to fully understand your clients and the market you both operate in, so you can articulate and calibrate strategies, and a value proposition that has a perfect fit.

The left quadrants help you look at what needs to be addressed within your business. These are four fundamental parts of your organisation. As business leaders, we need to assess each area and make actionable plans – that support the task you have on the right side – and achieve the growth plans you have sent out.


GrowthSprint Canvas
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