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Diane changed my life and my business. She has been a consultant to me and my company, The Alignment Collective, for the past year with incredible results. She has guided me through contract negotiations, creating the business architecture, putting fee structures and incentive bonuses in place, and she has helped me define the kind of business leader I am and how to leverage my digital marketing expertise and create a sustainable, thriving business.

Diane is an enterprise whisperer. I am a theatre artist, who started a side business that took off. My background is anti-corporate, and anti-business. I’m a hippy from San Francisco. Diane has groomed me to think strategically and to negotiate what I want and what my business needs without corporatizing me. She listens to what I value, and she helps me find my way through the minefields. She is extremely knowledgeable, and very personable, and she has a great sense of humour – which is an absolute must in stressful and highly charged situations.

I cannot recommend Diane highly enough. Because of her urging, I negotiated a bonus structure into my contracts, and within 6 months, those bonuses became a reality that put The Alignment Collective on the map. I never would have done that on my own in a million years. Diane knew the value of my work and how to leverage it for my company’s and my client’s benefit, and she supported and encouraged me to negotiate based on the value she saw. Her ability to get me to see the bigger picture was the key to everything – and she continues to guide me as the big picture becomes an amazing reality.

Do not pass up the opportunity to work with Diane. She is worth her weight in platinum.

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