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Boost Your Online Business: Strategies for Accelerated Growth

Since 2007 we have built up a mass of experience, stories and friendships. The  companies we have mentored and developed have gone on to export goods and services across the globe, from digital tools to life sciences, to fintech to agritech. Most of the businesses were started from a simple idea, often around a kitchen table or over a glass of wine. But the growing presence of ecommerce shows us how we can innovate and create a customer base across the world. 

In the Autumn of 2017 we took the time to pay a number of these a visit to see how they were getting on, a day that proved to be a very uplifting.

First stop was to visit Jonny Small MD of, who has gone from zero to a global supplier of rugby kit, shipping balls and training gear to rugby enthusiasts across the world. During a quick tour of their recently expanded promises we witnessed a buzz of activity, efficiency and true passion for the sport.

Next, we had the pleasure to share stories and lunch with Catherine Cunningham CEO of ThePresentTree, who with similar humble beginnings back in 2013 has built a wonderful business sending tree gifts across Europe. Her team are located in a converted barn set in Antrim woodlands and have the company of hundreds of baby trees .. .. all ready to find a new home.  Organic, sustainable and made with love.

If you are in a startup seeking acceleration or a company looking to build on its innovation programme contact us today.

To round off the day we met with the impressive David Galbraith, MD of SwigFlasks. From pop-up shops in London in 2013, to building an online gift store, David and his team have shipped to customers across the world, including Olympic gold medallists and film stars. Swigflask are the UK’s first hip flask brand, dedicated to making the best flasks on the market, and perfect for gifting.

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