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Maximizing Your Revenue Potential: The Power of The Bid Planner Canvas

Introducing the Bid Planner Canvas.  Our team have written tenders that have beaten established players and some global consultancy companies. How did we do it?

What we want to do now, is to share our insights and experience in how to win, AND what to learn when you lose tenders. Our canvas blends traditional sales planning and design thinking. Do NOT simply start writing your response and hope the best written document will win.

The best thought out and strategically planned bids WIN.

Our Bid Planner Canvas helps SMEs and start-up companies win tenders.  Design, collaborate, plan, succeed. 

Over the past decade we have repeatedly beaten major companies in public tender procurement projects. Why and how? When we started to bid for public tenders the first thing we did as a team was to research, plan and think/ideate/share/question/brainstorm. Understanding how the bid process works is essential, and oddly is a lot like like an exam, but to get the top grade, you really have to understand what real value the buyer is seeking – and how will your firm deliver.

Firms that win more bids don’t get lucky, they focus time and resources in planning to win tenders. They aren’t necessarily the best suppliers, they may not have the best solution – but they win because they have learnt how to win the tender race.

Build better bids
  • Our FREE to use canvas enables improved design and planning.
  • Plot out each critical component of your bid submission, piece by piece.
  • Collaborate, share and ideate.
  • Align your team to the common theme of value creation.
  • The bid planning process is key to all successful winning bids and proposals. 

Download the canvas, print it off, grab your post-its – start planning.

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