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Ever wanted something that just didn’t exist? Well that’s the position Clare Medland MD of Rolltack found herself in when she wanted a saddle/tack trolley. She searched the internet and all the equestrian catalogues with no success, so she decided “if I can’t buy it – I’ll make it!”

She set about making a trolley out of discarded items in her garage. Her homemade trolley did the job well, but she couldn’t help wondering there must be other like-minded equestrians who would like the same type of trolley.

The XP team have great knowledge, advice and direction. Having their support and guidance got us manufacturing and to market much quicker than would otherwise would have been possible

Since going into full production in November 2013 horse riders have been saying goodbye to the days of struggling with their heavy awkward equipment and the countless trips back and forward to the tack room or car with the help of the ‘Rolltack’. Since their start, Rolltack have shipped their products across the globe and have some heavy weight equestrian names in the client base.

If you are a horse rider who values their saddle (and your back), then go over to Rolltack.

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