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Conquering Growth Challenges with XPinnovates:

What is GrowthSprint?

Growthsprint is a focused planning period of time during which a team or organisation dedicates intensive effort towards achieving specific growth-related goals or objectives. This concept is often used in the context of agile methodologies, where sprints are short, time-boxed…

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Business Planning Needs an Agile Approach

Planning has held a foundational role in management for years. Back in the early twentieth century conventional thinking  outlined the key functions of managers as planning, organising, commanding, coordinating, and controlling. Throughout the century, the capacity and willingness of managers…

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The Rise of AI: How Business Will Never Be the Same

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, refers to the development and implementation of computer systems and software that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as problem-solving, learning, reasoning, perception, comprehension, and decision-making, among others. AI systems can adapt…

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Angel Investment Northern Cyprus

A big thank you to our hosts last week in Cyprus - NI-CO and  AB İnovatif Girişimcilik / EU Innovative Entrepreneurship, who we are assisting in developing the entrepreneurship ecosystem and improving the innovation culture in the Turkish Cypriot community.…

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