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Sell, Sell, Sell. Demystifying the Sales Task in Startups by Video

Selling is tough. It is a daunting task. It’s often the most under rated and acknowledged skill in business.  

But for any startup company to be successful, it needs to be done. We all need to embrace sales. 

We’ve collected a few sales related videos for you to see past the sales challenge. Well, the are mostly a lot of fun. So happy viewing people. 

Sales Needs Some Therapy

Sales Therapy  takes a humorous look at the relationship between sales professionals and the CRM. The power struggle comes to life when the two parties discuss their problems with a therapist. (Courtesy of by SalesMesh)

When Sales met Marketing 

The old divide between marketing and sales. In far too many companies, sales teams don’t expect marketing to deliver qualified leads, and marketing teams don’t believe sales will follow up with them anyway. This video show us  that marketing and sales don’t have to be best buddies, but they can coexist happily. (Courtesy of SalesForceUK)

Nailing The All Important Business Handshake

Why do we place so much focus on the handshake? This video by Monster shows us the wrong ways to shake hands in a job interview. We think the same rules apply when sales people meet prospects and customers, too. 

A Conference Call in Real Life

In business we’re no stranger to the conference call. Cheaper and easier than hitting the road, they are howeever laden with potential mishaps. 

Sales vs. Marketing In A Dodgeball Game

When your sales and marketing teams dont talk, and all diplomatic relations have fallen down.  Try a game of dodgeball. 

Selling is Tough

Let’s face it, selling is not easy. In this video, Sales Scripter lets get an insight into the daily ritual of selling.

Shit Stuff Sales People Say

Sales people can come out with some real nonsense.  It can annoy you. or you can just have a laugh.  

If your business needs help with its sales task, demystifying the black of art of sales, watch these videos and then contact us and see how we can help.

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