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Sales Management – Funnel versus Pipeline

Sales management of your opportunities requires different attention and investment by you, dependent on where you deem them to be in the sales funnel.

The incorrect sales approach – at the wrong time – will damage your chances of moving your prospect down the funnel to from initially being a prospect to becoming a paying customer.

Sales management in start-ups and scale-ups is critical for success

Each prospect you are working on needs to be placed in the sales funnel. Where they are placed is determined by their behaviour and your sales management activity needs to reflect that funnel stage.

Sales Funnel Sales Pipeline
The Prospects Behaviour Your Aligned Sales Activity

How do you manage your time?

  1. Spend time placing each of your sales prospects in accordance with where they are in the sales funnel.
  2. Incorporate this step-by-step funnel/pipeline approach into HubSpot, or similar.
  3. Is your sales and marketing activity is correctly aligned in the pipeline?

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